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Is it time for a Brand Refresh?

The promise of warm weather has us thinking about spring cleaning. And not just for our closets. Often, when dynamics—like your industry, audience, or sometimes even the seasons—change, your brand can keep pace with an update or two. But how do you know when gradual updating isn’t enough? Here are four signs your brand is due for a totally fresh point of view:

You do X. Your brand makes it seem like you do Y.jcp

The longer you’re in business, the more your offering evolves. What worked for your brand—in your photo library or in your tagline—when you began years ago may no longer reflect who you are or what you do today.

You’ve got your eye on someone new.

Has your target audience shifted significantly? Are you hoping to appeal to a different set of people in the years ahead? Your brand should connect emotionally and intellectually not just with your tried-and-true followers, but with the audiences you’re after, too.

You’d regret looking like this in 5 years.

If you think you might be looking a little outdated, you probably are. Your brand may not innately be trendsetting and cutting-edge (most brands aren’t), but that’s no reason to become irrelevant or to be left behind.

You don’t stand out (in a good or bad way).

Sure, fitting in is a comfortable place to be. But allowing your brand to blend seamlessly into the industry crowd may be exactly what’s keeping you from standing out for the things you want to be known for.