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Does Your Business Need VoIP?


Every business needs telephone service. Some departments make more use of incoming calls while other departments are responsible for the surging bills at the end of each month. Whether you have an advertising company or an accounting firm, if you check the money you pay for the telephone service annually, it is bound to be pretty hefty. Companies that need to make international calls regularly or have staffs assigned on site duties at various cities or states would inadvertently end up paying thousands of dollars.

For a few years now, the internet has been resolving most of the conventional problems, ala the expensive aspects of running a business. If emails managed to do away with the costs of mails then VoIP has managed to cut down the costs of conventional telephone service. In reality, every business today should get a VoIP phone and there are several reasons why.

Cost Advantage

The first major savings is on the phone systems. You do not need those landlines loaded with numerous keys and costing you several hundred to a few thousand dollars, the latter if you have a large office. Second, you do not need new connections or a different technical setup with telephone service lines and the likes. This lowers down the investments on infrastructure. Third, you make huge savings on calls.

With VoIP as your telephone service, you can use your existing internet connection. If that is too slow then upgrading to broadband or ADSL would do the trick. No telephone systems are required as long as your computers have a sound card and microphones to cater to the task. Locals call costs can go down by 50% and internal calls are as much as 90% cheaper on VoIP than traditional telephone service.
Considering the cost advantages alone, whether or not a business needs VoIP is beyond any debate.

Benefits Of Technology

With conventional telephone service you can have two people on two ends of the phone. At most a conference between three parties or four is possible with some top notch systems. With the internet telephone service ala VoIP, you can put on 10 people or even 20 people on a conference. Furthermore, you get to transfer data while on call, use multimedia across the connection, send faxes, host presentations and do a host of different things that your business will benefit from.

There are many more benefits of internet telephone service and in a while from now, hardly would a business use conventional telephones if quality internet connections are available at the location.